Cloud Adoption: How Streaming Integration Minimizes Risks

On-Demand Webinar (35 Minutes)

Do you have plans to move critical systems to the cloud but have concerns about downtime, integration challenges, or data loss? Do you need to ensure your cloud-based systems have continuous, up-to-date data from existing on-premise or other cloud sources?

When a cloud-based system supports key business operations, the data requirements for accuracy and security are high. Regardless of the cloud platform selected, a data movement solution will be part of the mix. In this 30-minute webinar:

  • Striim’s CTO and co-founder Steve Wilkes lays out the opportunities for reducing migration downtime and data loss risks, as well as for allowing unlimited testing time of the new cloud environment.
  • We review hybrid cloud integration best practices that reliably support operational workloads.
  • You see a streaming integration product demo showing how this leading technology handles strict requirements of critical systems.
Don’t miss this practical presentation to help plan your successful cloud adoption initiative.

Recorded on May 7, 2020

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