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Striim is real-time streaming integration solution, making it easy to deliver custom streaming analytics applications. The platform enables multi-stream data integration and real-time Change Data Capture (CDC) across a wide variety of data sources including transactions from enterprise databases, log files, message queues, application and IoT sensor data.

Striim has partnered with Hazelcast, a leading provider of in-memory data grid technology, to enable the Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache feature. Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache provides real-time, push-based propagation of changes to a Hazelcast cache. This ensures continuous synchronization between the cache and its underlying database, and consistency with the system of record.

Highlights of Striim for Hazelcast Hot Cache include:

  • Fast propagation of database changes to the Hazelcast cache
  • Striim Change Data Capture (CDC) leverages a push model that is highly efficient
  • No application changes are needed to use Hot Cache
  • Striim also provides initial load support

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