As your company adopts cloud services or modern data analytics initiatives, your transactional systems running on HPE NonStop servers cannot be left in a silo. HPE NonStop servers support mission-critical operations, and the data they contain requires not only timely integration with other on-premise transactional systems and cloud environments, but also with Kafka, Hadoop and NoSQL environments, in order to improve decision making and gain competitive advantage.

In this presentation, you will learn how to quickly enhance your data architecture by using streaming integration for your critical data sources running on HPE NonStop. You will also discover how to prepare your transactional data through stream processing and enrichment with external data, all before the data is delivered to cloud, analytical environments, or other transactional systems.

The session will focus on achieving a modern data infrastructure for mission-critical systems that is:

  • high-performance
  • secure
  • easily scalable
  • reliable
  • able to integrate seamlessly with other business systems

You will hear about other NonStop users that leverage streaming integration to enhance their big data analytics, connect on-premise systems with cloud environments, and gain real-time operational intelligence from their data in HPE NonStop servers.