Get More Value from Apache Kafka with Enterprise-Grade Streaming Integration
and SQL-Based Stream Processing

While Apache Kafka has become a popular high-performance, fault-tolerant messaging system, it still needs additional technologies to collect and process the data with low latency for the consumers, as well as to analyze and visualize the streaming data for operational intelligence. Striim offers an enterprise-grade, Kafka data integration and stream processing solution to help you make the most of your Kafka investment.

In this white paper you will learn how Striim delivers:

  • Continuous and non-intrusive data ingestion from enterprise databases, logs, messaging systems, and sensors into Kafka and other targets
  • SQL-based Kafka stream processing with filtering, masking, aggregation, transformation, and enrichment for data in motion
  • Delivery to Kafka and other targets, on-premises or cloud, with sub-second latency
  • Streaming analytics with Kafka data
  • Kafka visualization via real-time dashboards
Download the free white paper to learn how to easily expand your Kafka environment to gain more value from your high-velocity data.


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