Real Time Data Streaming from Oracle to Google BigQuery

google performance stydy

In this whitepaper, we show how Striim’s streaming platform can be used to move data between a highthroughput Oracle transactional database to Google BigQuery in real time.

With growing business requirements to provide real-time data to make decisions with low latency, it becomes critical for large enterprises to adopt newer ways to incorporate data integration within their broader data management and digital transformation strategy. Data is often managed by diverse systems like transactional databases, data warehouses, file stores, object stores, messaging systems, etc. depending on business needs. In today’s digital economy, it is important to be able to integrate and manage data across these diverse platforms in real time to provide a rich customer experience with intelligent behavioral actionable insights at the time of user engagement.

For integrating real-time data into Google BigQuery, Striim is a Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery designated platform.

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