Realizing Real-Time Data Warehousing on Snowflake with Striim

Striim_eBook_Snowflake_BFor organizations that want to modernize their analytics solutions with instant elasticity and high-performance, Snowflake offers one of the most popular cloud-based data warehouses. As organizations adopt Snowflake for business-critical workloads, they also need to look for a modern data integration approach. Streaming data integration for Snowflake loads data into Snowflake from diverse sources in real time, while simultaneously meeting scalability, latency, security, and reliability requirements.

Learn how the Striim platform meets these integration needs by continuously collecting, processing, and delivering any enterprise data from on-premises and cloud sources into Snowflake. 

Download this Tech Guide to see the solution architectures, deployment options, and the steps required to address the following use cases: 

  1. Initial load and ongoing synchronization between Snowflake and your on-premise DB
  2. Setting up Snowflake for audit operations with details
  3. Performance tuning tips
  4. Key Striim configuration parameters for Snowflake Writer

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