Replicating Your On-Premises Database into Google Cloud SQL for MySQL

Striim_eBook_Google_BCompanies of all sizes can leverage the scale, simplicity, and security of deploying their data infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP offers a full suite of data management products such as Google BigQuery for scalable data warehousing, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Spanner, and Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

In this Tech Guide, you’ll learn how Striim, unlike traditional batch-based ETL solutions, continuously integrates real-time data from on-premises and cloud data sources into Google Cloud SQL for MySQL. This solution enables not only data migration with minimal downtime and risks but also ongoing data flow to keep your Cloud SQL database in sync with on-premises data sources.

Download this Tech Guide to learn about the step-by-step instructions for how to set up real-time database replication to Google Cloud SQL, including:

  1. Launch and Configure MySQL Service
  2. Configuring Oracle DB for Change Data Capture (CDC)
  3. Configuring Application and Network Connectivity

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