Working with strict government regulations and macro-economic conditions, rising customer expectations, and increasingly complex processes, the financial services industry is under constant pressure to improve its operations using the cutting-edge technologies. Streaming analytics is one of the key new technologies that has transformed the way banks and insurance companies make smarter operational decisions with their high-volume, high-velocity data.

In this webcast, Steve Wilkes, Co-Founder and CTO of Striim, presents the key streaming analytics use cases that enable financial services companies to outsmart risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and seize opportunities to improve customer experience. He discusses how streaming integration and analytics supports new technology trends such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, and digital labor.

Steve covers real-life examples of popular banking and insurance use cases including:

  • Fraud, money laundering and other financial crime detection and prevention
  • Predictive ATM maintenance
  • Proactive customer service and real-time customer offers
  • Global transaction monitoring

Watch the webinar on demand to learn how your peers in banking and insurance are using streaming analytics solutions to make faster, better, and automated decisions.