21- 22 September 2022 - Olympia, London

Big Data London

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- Come to our Beers with Data Peers after party with our partners Databricks, dbt, Monte Carlo and Snowplow. 

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For more information on how you can power your organization with real-time data integration and streaming for analytics and business intelligence, please visit striim.com or complete the form to book a demo. 


Wed, 21 September 12:40pm
Fast Data Theatre
Breakdown Barriers in Real-time with Data Streaming
John Kutay, Director of Product Growth

Thurs, 22 September: 12:40pm
Data Mesh Theatre
Data Mesh Streaming Patterns: A Real-time Perspective
Alok Pareek, Founder and EVP Products

Networking Event

Beers with Data Peers
Co-hosted with Databricks, dbt, Monte Carlo, and Snowplow


Join the networking reception at Big Data London that focuses on creating a complete customer 360 view. Chat with the industry’s leading voices about the need for data stack operationalization and unification; the democratization of data, and the importance of making your data lakehouse your single source of truth for your reliable data.

  • Connect with your data peers
  • Enjoy food, drinks and a nice reprieve from the conference floor
  • Mingle with industry leaders from across the Modern Data Stack

Wednesday, September 21st | 5:00 – 7:30pm BST at The Albion, 121 Hammersmith Rd (4 minutes from the Olympia)

Find out some more details about how Striim can help you in the free assets below:

Get a personal tour of Striim's core features based on your needs and with example use cases including




Built-in recovery that can guarantee exactly-once or at least once processing (E1P{/A1P) for your critical data flows.


Cloud Native Security

Purpose built for mission-critical applications.


Infinitely Scalable

Designed with a distributed clustered architecture that enables it to easily scale horizontally to meet your data processing needs.


SQL-Based Transformations

Leverage your knowledge of SQL for real-time data processing and ETL.



Quick to deploy and ramp up. Unify and simplify your data integration and analytics efforts.


Real Time

Move data to databases and data warehouses in milliseconds, not minutes.


When we want to build new applications on Striim’s streaming data, it only takes a couple of days — as opposed to months — to deploy.

Rajesh Raju, Director of Data Engineering at Ciena