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How Real-Time Data Processing and Machine Learning Unlocks Success for Your Business

In today's data-centric landscape, the convergence of real-time data processing and machine learning (ML) is reshaping the way businesses can harness the latest data insights and predictions for strategic business outcomes.

Great in theory, but what are the very real use cases that will make an impact for your business and how do you get started?

Join experts from Google and Striim as they delve into how you can combine data integration with machine learning to:

  1. Enable data scientists and engineers to focus on model development and monitoring instead of manually executing workflows and code to gather, clean, and label their raw data through batch processing

  2. Expedite the creation of machine learning models to make swift data-driven decisions and predictions that enhance customer experiences and optimize operations

  3. Enhance decision-making accuracy by deriving insights from the latest information available, thereby fostering more informed and strategic business outcomes

Whether you're a data scientist, ML engineer, or business leader, this webinar is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of real-time data processing and machine learning.

Presented by:

bruce sandell
Bruce Sandell
Partner Solutions Architect, Google

Simson Chow
Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect, Striim

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