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Retrieval Augmented Generation with Database Change Streams

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in how you utilize data for smarter decision-making and elevating customer experiences? Join us in our groundbreaking webinar, where we explore the fusion of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Database Change Streams - a blend that's set to revolutionize the realm of Generative AI!

Dive into a World of Enhanced AI Applications:
This session is your key to unlocking the full potential of advanced, both internal and customer-facing, Generative AI applications. We're not just talking about enhancing your AI toolkit; we're redefining it with a robust, reliable source of truth, ensuring every insight you gain is accurate and relevant.

Leverage Your Data Like Never Before:
Witness how the dynamic interplay of RAG with your operational databases can transform your approach to data. It's not just about processing information; it's about harnessing its full power for intelligent decision-making and unparalleled customer experiences.

Key Learning Opportunities:

  • Boost Efficiency & Engagement: Discover strategies to elevate both customer and internal applications, driving efficiency and deepening engagement.
  • Maximize Your Operational Databases: Learn to tap into the untapped potential of your existing database systems, turning them into goldmines of insights.
  • Strategize with Confidence: Gain invaluable insights to inform and propel your business strategy and decision-making processes to new heights.

Don't Miss This Insightful Journey:
This is more than a webinar; it's a gateway to the future of data-driven intelligence. Whether you're looking to innovate, optimize, or revolutionize your approach to data, this is where your journey begins.

Watch Now and Transform Your Data Strategy. 

Presented by:

John Kutay
Head of Products at Striim

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