How to Stream Data to Azure Synapse Analytics with Striim


There is significant demand for zero downtime database migrations and continuous data replication as workloads shift to the cloud. Modernizing databases by offloading workloads to the cloud requires building real-time data pipelines from legacy systems. 

The Striim® platform is an enterprise-grade cloud data integration solution that continuously ingests, processes, and delivers high volumes of streaming data from diverse sources, on-premises or in the cloud. 

In this joint session with Striim partner Microsoft, we discuss why and how cloud and data architects/engineers use Striim to move data into Azure in a consumable form, quickly and with sub-second latency to easily run critical transactional and analytical workloads. 

We also demonstrate how to use Striim to migrate or continuously replicate enterprise databases to Azure Synapse Analytics with no downtime:

  • Prepare Azure data targets or data integration with table creation that reflects the source database
  • Set up in-flight transformations right in the GUI to minimize end-to-end latency and enable real-time analytics & operational reporting
  • Deploy zero-downtime migrations to Azure from existing enterprise databases anywhere

Presented by:

Edward Bell
Edward Bell
Senior Solutions Architect, Striim

Karlien Vanden Eynde (1)
Karlien Vanden Eynde
Director of Product Marketing Cloud Analytics, Microsoft

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