How to Stream Data to Google Cloud with Striim

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The move to Google Cloud is an attractive path for data modernization and for achieving a solid foundation for digital transformation. Real-time data integration allows you to run high-value workloads in the cloud and reap the full benefits of your cloud environment to improve your business operations and embrace innovation. As with adopting any new technology, there is complexity in the move and a number of things to consider, especially when dealing with mission-critical systems.

In this on-demand technical demo, Fahad Ansari and Srdan Dvanajscak show you how to stream data from an Oracle database to Google BigQuery and other Google Cloud targets with Striim. They demonstrate how Striim enables you to:

  • Ingest data from in-production sources with negligible impact

  • Make your operational data available immediately for applications and services on the Google Cloud

  • Process and analyze in-flight data using SQL queries and UI-based operators

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