How to Build Streaming Data Pipelines for Real-Time Analytics

Presented by:

steve wilkes
Steve Wilkes
CTO/Co-Founder at Striim

Whether you’re a traveler waiting for your ride-share, or a large retailer keeping an eye on potential supply chain disruptions, hours-old or days-old data is obsolete. For real-time insights and experiences you need real-time analytics, powered by streaming data pipelines. But how can you build your first streaming data pipeline, as quickly and seamlessly as possible?

Watch our on-demand webinar with Steve Wilkes (Striim Co-Founder and CTO), where he demystifies streaming data pipelines and covers topics including:

  • What’s behind the explosive growth in real-time analytics (and why market-leading companies have adopted real time as the status quo)
  • How to build real-time data streaming pipelines quickly, reliably, and at unlimited scale
  • Why real-time data integration is an essential component of a streaming data pipeline
  • Customer examples showing how streaming data pipelines enable companies to make informed decisions in real time